Supporting organisations agree with, support and promote the aims and activities of the conference, but have not been able to financially assist. This is a significant event for the Asia-Pacific region in the investigation, preservation and raising the profile of underwater cultural heritage.

You can click on the name or logo of each of our supporting organisations to be redirected to their website. The Conference is supported by the  following organisations:

IGOs – Intergovernmental organisations



NGOs – Non-Government Organisations

Asian Academy of Heritage Management (AAHM)  
BIEA British Institute in Eastern Africa  
LCCHS logo Lawyers’ Committee for Cultural Heritage Preservation  
The Museum of Underwater Archaeology (MUA)  
Nautical Archaeology Society (NAS)  

Government Agencies and Museums


Dept the Environment stacked

Australian Government, Department of the Environment  
Guangdong cropped Guangdong Museum  
Ancient Chinese Ships Institute of Ancient Chinese Ships  


CSI logo_100_rgb Coastal Studies Institute, University of North Carolina  
Maritime Archaeology Programme at the University of Southern Denmark, Denmark  
Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, Japan  


This Conference is sponsored by: