The Conference is run by volunteers who come from various backgrounds, including government agents, researchers, and students. The Conference is credited by the following organizations.

The 5th Asia-Pacific Conference on Underwater Cultural Heritage will be hosted by the National Research Institute of Maritime Cultural Heritage (NRIMCH), Cultural Heritage Administration (CHA)

Affiliated to Cultural Heritage Administration (CHA), the National Research Institute of Maritime Cultural Heritage (NRIMCH) is the country’s only and the best institute in charge of UCH research. NRIMCH was first launched in 1981 as the Mokpo Conservation Shipyard under the National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage. It was renamed the Mokpo Maritime Relic Conservation Yard in 1990, the National Maritime Relics Gallery in 1994, and became the National Research Institute of Maritime Cultural Heritage (NRIMCH) in 2009.

The NRIMCH manages the Mokpo National Maritime Museum and the Taean National Maritime Museum. The headquarter is composed of six divisions including Planning & Management Division, Underwater Archaeology Division, Maritime Heritage Research Division, Exhibition & Public Relations Division, West Sea Cultural Heritage Division, and Conservation & Collection Management Division.

We have conducted surveys on numerous shipwreck sites, and currently working on several other sites still lying on the seabed. Among 32 archaeological excavations, 14 shipwrecks and around 110,000 artifacts have been recovered so far, and more investigations on reported areas are underway.

We seek opportunities in vitalizing global network, the convergence of new digital technologies, and cross-disciplinary research for a more efficient study of underwater cultural heritage. We work on developing the scientific equipment for archaeological excavation through cooperation between domestic and foreign institutes and introducing advanced techniques including equipment and robots for deep-sea excavation, in collaboration with major international advanced institutes.

Raising the awareness of the general public on maritime cultural heritage is one of our main goals. We offer various programs related to conservation and restoration of UCH, surveys, exhibitions, education, and publicity of UCH. We look forward to expanding the field of research on the preservation and protection of underwater cultural heritage through cross-disciplinary research with conservation science, archaeology, and art history.

Website :

Address : 136, Namnong-ro, Mokpo, Jeonnam, Republic of Korea(The National Research Institute of Maritime Cultural Heritage)

94-33, Sinjindaegyo-gil, Geunheung-myeon, Taean-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, Republic of Korea (TAEAN NATIONAL MARITIME MUSEUM)

Telephone : +82 61 270 2000

Fax : +82 61 270 2059

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NOAA’s initiative on underwater cultural heritage protection

NOAA’s Maritime Heritage Program, created in 2002, is an initiative of the Office of National Marine Sanctuaries (ONMS). The program focuses on maritime heritage resources within the thirteen designated National Marine Sanctuary sites and one Marine National Monument, and it also promotes maritime heritage appreciation throughout the entire nation.








The Asian Academy for Heritage Management 

The Asian Academy for Heritage Management (AAHM) is a network of institutions for cultural heritage based in Asia and the Pacific region. AAHM was a key host organization the Inaugural Asia-Pacific Regional Conference on Underwater Cultural Heritage in 2011.






The Museum of Underwater Archaeology

The online Museum of Underwater Archaeology (MUA) is a 501c3 non profit organization incorporated in 2004. Its mission is to assist and promote the use of the Internet by ethical professional, student, and avocational underwater archaeologists. In support of that goal the MUA helps underwater archaeologists present their research to the general public by creating web based museum style exhibits as well as announce their latest projects. The MUA is pleased to host the proceedings for the 2011, 2014, and 2017 APUCH conferences.