2020 Session 1

Session 1: Asia-Pacific Maritime Cultural Landscape: an Austronesian Cultural Identity?


This session will bring together community individuals, archaeologists, historians, ecologists and others to discuss and interpret the many methods used by indigenous people to catch fish. Fish weirs and traps have been used for hundreds/thousands of years and many have been designed and utilised in a sustainable and environmentally harmonious manner. While various examples and styles can be found across the region, the similarity in the spiritual, ritual, cultural and social connections could suggest a broad regional connection. Does this Cultural Landscape and all that it entails—the tangible and living heritage (intangible heritage)—provide a regional Cultural Identity for the people involved?

Session organisers seek papers and presentations that will further this research through reporting on fish weir studies across the Asia-­‐Pacific region, in addition to comparative research implemented elsewhere. Papers are also sought on associated cultural anthropological studies and any investigations into related terrestrial and maritime archaeological sites, in addition to those studies that provide a broad understanding of traditional coastal settlement and marine management.


Session Organisers:

Professor Ming-­‐Ju Lee
Dean of Research & Development
National Penghu University of Science and Technology, Taiwan

Dr. Meihua Shao
Independent Researcher, Taiwan

Dr. Bill Jeffery
Assistant Professor, Anthropology
University of Guam

Magda Nowakowska