2020 Session 10

Session 10: On Thin Ice: Maritime and Underwater Archaeology in the Arctic


The maritime and underwater archaeology of the Arctic zone is one of the most rapidly degrading environments in the world. The loss of the sea ice and progression of temperature rise is having profound implications for on the long-term conservation and management of the maritime and underwater archaeology of this region. This session is formulated to both inform and promote the development of maritime and underwater archaeology is the Arctic zone. 

In accordance with the session’s goals, the focus of the forum will encourage scholars interested in maritime and underwater archaeology to exchange ideas present new and novel the research approaches that can both help and benefits research in the Arctic and Pacific area. In this forum we hope to encourage debate on the research challenges of cultural heritage management and major environmental change that at present in both areas and possible solutions to these challenges. Also, to gain possible incites from into conservation and management of historic landscapes from the indigenous perspective in both environmental contexts.

Also, to give a venue for a scholar to discuss the recent growth in research of indigenous maritime societies and their material culture which is rapidly being lost.  To encourage discourse and the possibility for cross-pollination of ideas and methods linking the Asia Pacific region and the northern Pacific Paleo-Siberian cultures of the high Arctic.  In this context our hope is encourage the exchange of new information about the archaeology of the Arctic zone creating opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration across national boundaries.


Session Organiser:

Paul Montgomery, Phd
Assistant Professor (archaeology), Arctic Studies Center
Liaocheng University Shandong China
Address: No. 1, Hunan Road, Liaocheng, Shandong, China
Zip code: 252000