2017 Conference Program

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0915-1015 Keynote speech 1
Dr Le Thi Lien-Senior Researcher at the Institute of Archaeology in Vietnam (VASS)
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The Archaeology of Manila Galleons, Past, Present and Future (Session 13)

J. Casaban and R. Junco-Texas A&M/INAH
Early sixteenth-century shipbuilding in Mexico: Dimensions and tonnages of the vessels designed for Pacific Ocean navigation

J. Kimura-Tokai University
Archaeological  explorations  on  the San  Francisco  (1609)  sunken  off  the  coast  of Chiba Prefecture

J. McKinnon-East Carolina University
Spanish Colonial Shipwrecks in the Northern Mariana Islands

History and Current Trends of Underwater Archaeology around East Asia (Session 6)

X. Lu– Chinese Sailing Junk Expedition Society
Seamanship and Navigation: Seafarers on Board Daily Skills in Chinese Junk

C. Katagiri, Y.Nakanishi, R. Ono, and H. Miyagi– Okinawa Prefectural Archaeological Center
Basic studies on the Western shipwrecks discovered in the Ryukyu Archipelago and their Influence on modern society

T. Hayashibara, H. Kondo, and A. Iwabuchi-ARIUA and TUMST
The 17th Century wooden shipwreck off Hatsushima Island, Japan

K. Suzuki-Japan Society for Nautical Research
The Port of Uraga between Manila and Acapulco

World War Underwater Cultural Heritage in Asia-Pacific (Session 15)

R. Neyland UAB,Naval History and Heritage Command 
Naval History and Heritage Command Underwater Archaeology in the Asia- Pacific Region

J. McKinnon, A. Ticknor and A. Froula-East Carolina University
War in the Pacific: A Difficult Heritage

C. Pereira-Royal Geographic Society
Luso-Asian crewmen in World War 1

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1300-1500 Presentation Day 1-PM 1  
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Session 13 cont.

E. Miyata-Japan Society of Promotion for Science
Seeking the Manila Galleon trade network through exported Chinese ceramics

T. Canepa-
The trans-Pacific trade of Chinese porcelain to the Spanish colonies in the New World in the late 16th and early 17th centuries, and its impact on the local ceramic industry

N. Cuevas-NMP
Fujian ware: A 17th century evidence of the Manila Galleon trade from selected archaeological sites in the Philippines

B. Fahy and V. Walker-Vadillo-OCMA
What happens in the Embocadero, stays in the Embocadero: An Archaeological interpretation of the early Spanish exploration of the Pacific and the establishment of the Manila-Acapulco Galleon Trade.

Session 6 cont.
F. Castro– Texas A&M University
Anatomy of Portuguese East Indiaman: Great Europeans Vessels That Travelled Macau and Nagasaki in the 16th and the 17th Centuries

H. Nakagawa-Toyohashi Research Center for Cultural Properties
The Historical Transition of Lakefront Environment and Use in Lake Biwa, Japan

K. Yamafune– A.P.P.A.R.A.T.U.S. LLC
Some Methodologies of Photogrammetric Recording on Underwater Cultural Heritage Sites

K. Oyama-Chukyo University
Legal Status of Sunken State Vessels and Sovereign Immunity

Y. Nakanishi, R. Ono, N. Sakagami, H. Kan and C. Katagiri– Osaka Prefectural Board of Education, TU and KU
Developing the Foundation for Sustainable Management of Underwater Cultural Heritage Starting from Local Involvement: Case Studies in Okinawa

M. Ogawa-ARIUA
The Iron Grapnel Supposed to Belong to the Sinan Shipwreck and Other Anchors in East Asia

Session 15 cont.

N. Ridwan and G. Kusumah-Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, indonesia
Surveying a World War II German Ship, MS Sophie Rickmers in Weh Island, Indonesia

N. Pearson-University of Sydney
Naval shipwrecks in Indonesia

Andriany-Makassar Cultural Heritage Preservation Office
P-38 Lightning Aircraft Wreck in Lae-lae Waters, South Sulawesi, Indonesia

B. Jeffery-University of Guam

Investigating relevant management and interpretation of World War II underwater cultural heritage for the indigenous people of Asia-Pacific

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1530-1730 Presentation Day 1-PM 2  
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Iran’s Maritime Cultural Landscape
(Session 5)

S. Kalantar and M. Safa– Tehran University/Safa University
A survey on a petroglyph illustrating a watercraft at the hinterland site of Dehtal

M. Karimi– University of Tehran
Introduction to khashabat concept on Persian Gulf coasts

H. Tofighian and R. Adibi-RICHT/Marlik University
Boat and ship archaeology in Gilan Province

H. Tofighian and R. Adibi-RICHT/Marlik University
Underwater Archeological investigation of Bushehr coastlines in Persian Gulf

L. Afshari-University of Milan
Iran’s Underwater Cultural Heritage and National Law: Past, Present and Future

M. Nowakowska-University of Warsaw
Waterfront and Underwater Archaeology of Kuwait. Archeorisk on the Coastal Zone Around the Failaka Island, Kuwait

Session 6 cont.

L. Derksen and A. Iwabuchi-ICOMOS and TUMST
The Shared Underwater Cultural Heritage of the Netherlands and Japan: The Kanrin-maru

YH. Jung, YH. Lee, JH. Kim, SH. Lee, HD. Kim, and YH. Kim-NRIMCH and DU
Development of Sledge-Type Underwater Metal Detection System for Underwater Cultural Heritage Exploration

K. Joo– Chungnam National University
New Material Evidences from Taean Shipwrecks in Korea – Focusing on the Dietary Life in Goryo

TL. Lu– Taiwan University
A Preliminary Study on the Barrel of the Sino-French War in 1884 at Tamsui Estuary of Taiwan

Session 15 cont.

J. Raupp-East Carolina University
Exploring the Sunken Heritage of Midway Atoll

CW-Tseng, H. Huang, and KH. Cheng-Institute of History and Philology, Taiwan

The Discovery of the Wreck of Guangbing, a Chinese-made Cruiser Captured by the Japanese Navy during the First Sino-Japanese War

A. Iwabuchi-Japan ICOMOS
Japanese Shipwrecks and Human Remains from WWII

H. Van Tilburg-NOAA Office of National Marine Sanctuaries
World War II Shipwrecks in the Pacific

   1830-1930    Book Launch: Good Practice Management of World War II UCH    
NOV 29th
0800-0830 Registration  
0830-0930 Plenary session formal welcome
Keynote speaker 2
Dr. Robert Underwood-President, University of Guam
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1000-1200 Presentation DAY 2- AM   
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Ceramic trade and cross-cultural exchange from Asian-Pacific region to the world (Session 3)

E. Hsieh, C. Fischer, and B. Orillaneda-UNCL and National Museum of the Philippines
The Blues of the Santa Cruz: A study of porcelain color and composition 

E. Taim-University of Indonesia
Ceramics and Other Archaeological Finds as Evidence of Ancient Ports Existence and Its role in Eastern Coast of South Sumatra of Early Centuries

X. Wang-Jilin University
Chinese and Western Cultural Exchanges from the Perspective of Chinese Export Porcelain

Maritime/Underwater Cultural Heritage in Southeast Asia (Session 9)

M. Hendrawan-Gadjah Mada University
Formation Process of archaeological data on Nusa Island Shipwreck Bawean

C. Papilaud Looram-George Town World Heritage Incorporated
Living and Trading: A Dual Approach to Studying Southeast Asian Port Cities

J. Craig-McGill University
Bead cargos: Underwater sieving for small finds

Beyond the South China Sea: cross-regional studies of maritime communities
(Session 14)

T. Tartaron– University of Pennsylvania
A Multiscalar Model for the Investigation of Ancient Maritime Networks

C.Pereira– Royal Geographical Society
Developing a new historiography – The Mao Kun map as a case study

B. Jeffery– University of Guam
Can maritime archaeology help to reveal a maritime cultural identity?

D. LeLoup
How Climate Change has influenced ancient civilizations and how they adapted to it: Evidence from Coastal Archeology

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1300-1500 Presentation Day 2-PM 1  
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Session 3 cont.

S. Wong-The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Case Studies on Glazed Stoneware Storage Jars found in Hong Kong, Guangdong Province and Island Southeast Asia during the 10th to 17th Centuries

R. Chhay-APSARA Authority
Understanding the context of Khmer Ceramics and Kilns and their association with cross-cultural exchange

L. Wang-Jilin University
The research of types and related issues of sunken porcelain in the Yuan Dynasty

Session 9 cont.

UJ. Wisha, GA. Rahmawan, N. Ridwan, and G. Kusumah-Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Indonesia
Oil Spill Analysis on Ambon Bay, Maluku, Indonesia: Its influence to the SS. Aquila

S. Davies-University of Hong Kong
China’s first purpose designed and built lighthouse: findings from the analysis of a long lost but recently rediscovered photograph of the Xiyu Pagoda Light (Lixishanta Wangdeng)

KT. Chen– Institute of History and Philiology, Taiwan
In Search of the Larpent’s Survivors – Hazards and Securities of Sailing about Taiwan

Session 14 cont.

J.Craig-McGill University
The rolling seas: dynamic maps and the maritime cultural landscape

R.Avellana– University of the Phillipines
The Protohistoric Basis of Sixteenth-Century Spanish Colonial Towns along the Bicol River

B. Fahy– University of Oxford
Seeing the forest for the trees: A holistic study of Southeast Asian shipwreck assemblages

L.Chan– Hong Kong Maritime Museum
Newly excavated shipwrecks in China and Southeast Asia: Revisiting Medieval Chinese maritime trade

1500-1530 Tea/Coffee  
1530-1700 Presentation Day 2-PM 2  
Room 1 Room 2 Room 3  

Session 3 Cont.

D. Brotherson-University of Sydney
Tradewares at Angkor: Settlement patterns

T. Ky Phuong-CRMA Center
Ceramic jar as ‘prestige goods’: On the ceramic trade network among the ethnic peoples in Mainland Southeast Asia – A case of Katuic groups

P. Grave, L. Kealhofer, N. Beavan, T. Sokha, M. Stark and E. Darith -University of New England
Maritime Means and Mountain Ends: provenance of Angkorian and post-Angkorian burial jars in the Cardamom Ranges, Cambodia

Maritime and Underwater Archaeology along the South American Pacific  (Session 2)

J. Morán– IRA-PUCP
Relevance of the San Lorenzo Island in the cultural landscape  of the Lima Coast, Peru

C. Ausejo, P. Sowell, A. Riviera and M. Polo y La Borda-CPAMS
Sibinacocha: Underwater and Land Archaeology at a High Altitude Andean Lake in Cusco – Peru

M. Boza Cuadros– Syracuse University
Centering the margins: Capitalism and the Pacific World in mid-nineteenth century Arequipa

A. Arango– Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Pre-Columbian rafts and lateen sails in the South American Pacific.

Vicente Cortez– CPAMS The Use of Landscape Analysis Theory in the Reconstruction of the Maritime Cultural Landscape in the Guano Islands of Peru

Session 14 cont.

H. Kam-University of Hamburg
Sailing from Chao Phraya River, Thailand, to Guangdong, China: A study on two Thai maps from the 17th to early 19th centuries

M.Eric and N. Paskali– Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia
One boat building tradition? How can be connected Lake Suwa in Nagano province, Lake Lugu in Yunnan/Sichuan province, Lake Ohrid in Macedonia and Lake Cerknica in Slovenia?

V. Walker-Vadillo– University of Oxford
Using the Maritime Cultural Landscape theory in Southeast Asian rivers: the case of water transport in the lower Mekong during the Angkor empire.

NOV 30th
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0830-1030 Presentation DAY 3- AM 1  
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Ensuring a Sustainable Future for UCH: Museums and Public Engagement (Session 4)

CC. Tsai, Y. Zhang, and Y. Li-Zhongkai University of Agriculture and Engineering
Antiquities Homecoming: An Experience of Rescue Team of Cultural Relics

N. Zakaria-Ministry of Antiquities, Egypt
Forgotten Past? Alternative forms for a Museological Approach to interpret Egypt’s Maritime Heritage.

M. Damian-Monmouth College
Merging Museums with the Classroom: Using Collections to Teach Maritime Archaeology

J. Cano, E. Robis, C. Santos, and M. PazTauro-National Museum of the Philippines
Southern Philippines: Portal and Nexus of Barter, Trade and Exchange

N. Bigourdan and K. Edwards-Western Australian Museum
PRIISMH project : A Case Study of Community Involvement and Museum Collaboration on Maritime Cultural Heritage around Rottnest Island (Perth, Western Australia)

M.Čvrljak, A. Bloch– The Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde
How technology brings museum visitors to the core of maritime heritage

Underwater and maritime archaeology and capacity building in the Pacific Islands (Session 1)


Underwater and maritime archaeology and capacity building in the Pacific Islands

N. ErskineAustralian National Maritime Museum
From safe haven to island abandonment – impacts of the growth of Pacific shipping on the Pitcairn Island community during the 19th century

E. NakoroFiji Museum
The Sacred and Cultural Maritime Sites of Fiji-An Inventory in the Making

J. RauppEast Carolina University
Roving Production Platforms in the Pacific: An Industrial Approach to the Archaeology of Nineteenth Century Pelagic Whaling

L. Bulgrin-CRM Naval Base Guam
Late 18th Century and 19th Century Access To European and Asian Ceramics on Guam

A.Viduka– MCH, Australian Govt.
Building capacity in the South West Pacific –  The Norfolk Island Maritime Archaeological Association

B.Dixon– Cardno
Archaeological Reinterpretation of Stone fish Weirs Mentioned to Freycinet in 1819 on Guam

Management of Underwater Cultural Heritage Sites and Conservation of Wet Archaeological Materials (Session 8)

T.De Zoysa-MAU Sri Lanka
How to plan some special conservation processes to protect a fragile waterlogged rope coil

V. Richards and J. McKinnon-Western Australian Museum and East Carolina University
Conservation Monitoring and Sustainable Management of WWII Underwater Cultural Heritage Sites in Saipan

J. Carpenter-Western Australian Museum
Conservation of artefacts from the pearl shell fleet mothership Sanyo Maru 1937

MN. Kyung and HJ. Yong-National Research Institute of Maritime Cultural Heritage, Republic of Korea

Archaeological Scientific Analysis of Underwater Excavation Ceramics

MY. Cha and T. Kim-National Research Institute of Maritime Cultural Heritage
On-site monitoring of wooden shipwrecks found in Korea’s intertidal zone

1030-1100 Tea/Coffee  
1100-1200 Presentation DAY 3- AM 2  
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Underwater Cultural Heritage Politics, Laws, Ethics and Values (Session 7)

E. Clement-UNESCO
The elaboration of the UNESCO 2001 Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage

E. Perez-Alvaro– Licit Cultural Heritage Ltd
The ethics behind climate change: Small Island Developing States in the Pacific as new underwater cultural heritage

N. Pearson– University of Sydney
Unconventional means: can anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing measures safeguard underwater cultural heritage?

YH. Jung– National Research Institute of Maritime Cultural Heritage
Laws and Polices for the Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage in Korea


The study of traditional boat technology: complementary approaches to maritime archaeology (Session 12)

R.Stead– University of Southampton
Filipino Indiginous Boats, The Impact of Technical Change since the Colonial Settlement

A.Mochtar- Balai Arkeologi Yogyakarta
Lashed-lug boatbuilding tradition in Southeast Asia: further data from Indonesia

E.Lazar, M.Eric– Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia
Almost new logboat elder than 8000 years?

P.Clark-Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory
Three sewn edge joined lash-lugged plank built canoes from the Solomon Islands in the collection of the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, Australia

1200-1300 Lunch  
1300-1530 Presentation Day 3-PM   
Room 1 Room 2 Room 3  

Session 7 cont. and PANEL DISCUSSION

YY. Tung-Ministry of Culture, Taiwan
The Blueprint of Protecting Taiwan Underwater Objects

K. Kaur– University of Oxford
Legality of Sea-Towards Methodology


P.F. Wu– National Sun Yat-sen University
A non-member State’s practice on the incorporation of the UCH Convention: Taiwan’s experience

CH. Fu– National Sun Yat-sen University
Underwater Archaeology and National Security

M. Perrin– University of Oxford, OCMA
Dissolution and Cohesion in the South China Sea: Unilateralism vs Multivocality in the Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage

C-C. Kuo and W-Y. Chiau-National Taiwan Ocean University
The Preservation of Underwater Cultural Heritage: Legislation and Challenges


Amphibian Warfare in the Asia-Pacific region (Session 11)

K. Swope-University of Southern Mississippi
Riverine Warfare in Southwest China During the Ming-Qing Transition

M. Staniforth and L. Lien– Flinders University and VASS
Naval battlefield archaeology in Vietnam

M. Vazquez-UNAM
Amphibian warfare in Mesoamerica: the case of Aztec and Maya nautical technology

B. Fahy– University of Oxford, OCMA
The archaeology of naval warfare in 14th and 15th Century Southeast Asia

V. Walker-Vadillo– University of Oxford, OCMA
Amphibious warfare during the Angkor empire

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