Conference Introduction

The Asia-Pacific Regional Conference on Underwater Cultural Heritage

3rd Asia-Pacific Regional Conference on Underwater Heritage (APCONF 2017)
27 November to 2 December 2017 
Hong Kong Maritime Museum (Major Sponsor and Venue Partner)


Conference Theme

“The Maritime Cultural Landscapes and Seascapes of Asia-Pacific: Voyaging, Migration, Colonisation, Trade, and Cross-Cultural Contacts”

The Asia-Pacific Conference on Underwater Cultural Heritage (APCONF) aims to address management and protection strategies of underwater cultural heritage in Asia and the countries of the Indian and Pacific Oceans in the 21st Century. 
To further these aims, the third regional conference in Hong Kong in November 2017 has selected the above theme to explore, in a more holistic approach, the incredible landscape and seascape that has been developed from thousands of years of human colonisation, migration, trade and cross-cultural contact in the region.
The APCONF organizing committee have developed a number of sub-themes and session ideas, and will soon be seeking session organizers that will assist in exploring the conference theme.
The sub-themes include:
  • A Highway and a Crossroads: Voyaging, Colonisation and Cross-Cultural Contacts in Asia-Pacific
  • Maritime Cultural Landscapes and Seascapes: Interdisciplinary Approaches
  • UCH in Asia-Pacific: Regional Studies and Projects  
  • UCH Politics, Law, Ethics and Values
  • Museums, Public Outreach and Conservation
  • Technological Approaches to Underwater Cultural Heritage and Maritime Archaeology
  • Nautical Technology in Asia-Pacific
A wide range of people are encouraged to attend including those from universities and other educational institutions, including secondary schools, government agencies, museums, NGOs, IGOs, the private sector and in particular members of the general public.
This conference follows the Inaugural Asian Academy for Heritage Management (AAHM) Asia-Pacific Regional Conference hosted by the National Museum of the Philippines, held on November 8-12, 2011 and 2nd Asia-Pacific Regional Conference on Underwater Cultural Heritage in Honolulu, Hawaii in May 2014.
More background on the sub-themes and session proposals can be found here.
Dr. Bill Jeffery
on behalf of the APCONF 2017 Organizing Committee
Conference Organizing Committee Chair


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This conference is sponsored by:
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