2014 Sessions

APCONF 2014 Preliminary Sessions, 18 February 2014 (last updated)

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Session 1: UNESCO Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage and International Cooperation

Affiliation: UNESCO

Organizer: Etienne Clement (e.clement@unesco.org)

Point of Contact: Ulrike Guerin (u.guerin@unesco.org) or Akatsuki Takahashi (a.takahashi@unesco.org)


Session 2: New Approaches in UCH Management in the US


Affiliation: NOAA/BOEM

Organizer: Hans Van Tilburg (hans.vantilburg@noaa.gov)

Point of Contact: Hans Van Tilburg (hans.vantilburg@noaa.gov)


Session 3: Underwater Cultural Heritage, Museums, and Sustainable Development

Affiliation: UNESCO

Organizer:  Tim Curtis (t.curtis@unesco.org)

Point of Contact: Tim Curtis (t.curtis@unesco.org)


Session 4: Underwater Cultural Heritage in Oceania

Affiliation: UNESCO

Organizer: Akatsuki Takahashi (a.takahashi@unesco.org)

Point of Contact: Akatsuki Takahashi (a.takahashi@unesco.org)


Session 5: Early Modern Colonialism in the Asia-Pacific Region

Affiliation: Zukunftskolleg, University of Konstanz and Monash University

Organizer: María Cruz Berrocal (maria.cruz-berrocal@uni-konstanz.de) and Mark Staniforth (mark.staniforth@monash.edu)

Point of Contact: María Cruz Berrocal (maria.cruz-berrocal@uni-konstanz.de) and Mark Staniforth (mark.staniforth@monash.edu)


Session 6: Iberian Global Interactions: the Manila Galleon and the Roteiro

Affiliation: Oxford Centre for Maritime Archaeology

Organizer: Veronica Walker (veronica.walker.vadillo@gmail.com), Brian Fahy (bria.fahy@arch.ox.ac.uk) , and Bobby C. Orillaneda (bobby.orillaneda@arch.ox.ac.uk)

Point of Contact: Veronica Walker (veronica.walker.vadillo@gmail.com) and Brian Fahy (brian.fahy@arch.ox.ac.uk)


Session 7: Preservation and Conservation of Wet Archaeological Materials and Site Management

Affiliation: Western Australian Museum

Organizer: Ian Godfrey (ian.godfrey@museum.wa.gov.au), Vicki Richards (vicki.richards@museum.wa.gov.au), and Debra Shefi (debra.shefi@flinders.edu.au)

Point of Contact: Ian Godfrey (ian.godfrey@museum.wa.gov.au) and Vicki Richards (vicki.richards@museum.wa.gov.au)


Session 8: Ceramics from Shipwrecks, Harbours, Ports and Related Archaeological Sites

Affiliation: Southeast Asian Ceramics Museum, Bangkok University;  Hong Kong Polytechnic University; Hanoi Heritage Conservation Centre

Organizer: Atthasit Sukkham (atthasit.s@bu.ac.th), Sharon Wong Wai Yee (ccwwy@hkcc-poly.edu.hk), and Ngo The Bach (bach.ngothe@gmail.com)

Point of Contact: Atthasit Sukkham (atthasit.s@bu.ac.th), Sharon Wong Yee (ccwy@hkcc-polyu-edu.hk) and Ngo The Bach (bach.ngothe@gmail.com)


Session 9: History and Current Trends of Underwater Archaeology around East Asia

Affiliation: Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology

Organizer: Akifumi Iwabuchi (iwabuchi@kaiyodai.c.jp)

Point of Contact: Akifumi Iwabuchi (iwabuchi@kaiyodai.ac.jp) and Tatsuya Nakada (picono@kaiyodai.ac.jp)


Session 10: Indigenous Cultural Landscapes and Biocultural Resources in Hawaii and the Pacific

Affiliation: Honua Consulting

Organizer: Kehau Watson (watson@honouconsulting.com)

Point of Contact: Kehau Watson (watson@honouconsulting.com)


Session 11:  World War II and Underwaer Underwater Cultural Heritage in the Pacific

Affiliation: Flinders University

Organizer: Bill Jeffery (billfjeffery@gmail.com)

Point of Contact: Ulrike Guerin u.guerin@unesco.org (alternate Akatsuki Takahashi a.takahashi@unesco.org)


Session 12: Underwater Cultural Heritage of Southeast Asia

Affiliation: Agency of Research and Development of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Indonesia Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries

Organizer: Nia Hasanah (nia_arkeo@kkp.go.id)

Point of Contact: Nia Hasanah (nia_arkeo@kkp.go.id)


Session 13: Maritime and Underwater Archaeology of the Indian Ocean Region

Affiliation: Marine Archaeology Centre, CSIR-National Institute of Oceanography

Organizer: Sila Tripati (sila@nio.org)

Point of Contact: Sila Tripati (sila@nio.org)


Session 14: Pre-Hispanic Navigation

Affiliation: Centro Peruano de Arqueologia Maritima y Subacuatia (CPAMS)

Organizer: Ma.Carlos Ausejo Castillo (causejo@spams.org.pe)

Point of Contact: Ma. Carlos Ausejo Castillo (causejo@spams.org.pe)


Session 15: Legal Framework for the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage

Affiliation: University of Queensland

Organizer: Craig Forrest (c.forrest@law.uq.edu.au)

Point of Contact: Craig Forrest (c.forrest@law.uq.edu.au)